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Broadband Ethernet Over Copper

Ethernet broadband services are an extremely cost effective solution that you can use to help your company to perform at a higher caliber and to save you lot’s of money.  There are different types of ways that Ethernet can be installed.  Some of the factors that go into installing a broadband service are the connections and service providers that are available in the area and the type of building that you are working in. Some buildings are already wired while others are not.  One of the most popular forms of Ethernet is Ethernet over copper.

Ethernet over copper is commonly seen and detected in metropolitan areas.  Your entire Ethernet connection is run over copper wiring.  You might also see Ethernet over Copper referred to as EoC.  This type of connection is excellent for small business which only requires a small bandwidth such as 2MB, 3MB, 5MB, 10MB, 15MB and 20MB.  Ethernet over copper is generally a more cost effective option than the other Ethernet alternatives.  Fiber connections can be costly which makes Ethernet over Copper a much more cost effective business solution.

With Ethernet over Copper, you still benefit from all of the great advantages that you would with any Ethernet service such as a guaranteed 99.9999 percent uptime, fast uploads, quick transferring of information, the ability to use other telecom services, security and protection of client information and so much more.  Contact us today to learn more about Ethernet over Copper and how this connection is right for your business without any obligations.